What Does This Button Do?

If there is a cause I choose to fight for, it is curiosity.

Indifference is a prison in which only ignorance can live. You can’t forge the truth in the same way that you can’t slap chains on it. The truth is forever free, those who stopped looking are the ones who stopped finding it. The only way we are going to find answers, is through a genuine friendship with the unfamiliar.

The easiest thing to do is to wrap our identity around the things we believe, but there is more than we know and there is more than we can teach. We have to break free of the idea that anything that challenges even our core beliefs should be immediately turned off. Just because something makes sense to us doesn’t mean it is the only truth. The generation that comes after us will benefit from the questions we ask now. Questions about our Healthcare, our Schools and even our Environment. We got here because some brave men and women refused to stop asking ‘Why’. Those men and women can’t do it all on their own, they need voices added on to theirs. Our voice. It starts with a taste for knowledge, a respect for what is real, and a love for curiosity. It may not come naturally but we can make it intentional. We can encourage a society that never allows ‘Why?’ to be left unanswered. Accountability starts with the questions we are ready to ask of our leaders. It is everybody’s job.

It is our job to prepare our children for the world they will inherit. We can reward their questions just as well as we reward their answers. Teach them how to ask the questions that they do not yet know to ask. Allow them to draw parallels between the mistakes we are making and the problems they will solve. Never suppress their appetite for what is new, even when it challenges our own beliefs. Allow them to take that step. We ourselves are standing on land that was once considered unknown. Our job is to nudge them forward, not to hold them back. Show them the difference between acquiring and interacting with knowledge. When you acquire knowledge you are nothing more than a vessel of information. When you interact with it, you become one with it. You embody it, you become part of the solution.

It’s not just the kids, however. Curiosity is a lifetime achievement, the award it comes with is humility. A life dedicated to being curious is a life that has learned to accept that you don’t always know the answer. Apply a beginner’s mind to every situation you walk into. Curiosity is how we face what we don’t understand, not fear. Fear very easily turns to hate in a society where we are as different as we are similar. Empathy is seeking first to understand even the people whose nature contradicts your own. You will do good to try and understand how it feels to walk in their shoes. If you understand them, then you can fight for them. You become one with them because you choose to understand them. You chose to be curious.

Curiosity is a purpose. It is an inquiry that leads you to who you really are. You find yourself when you seek clarity. When you stop letting things happen to you and you start happening to things. If there is anything Dee Dee taught us, it is that the button will not press itself. Curiosity is proactive. It is the courage to leave your destiny up to fate so you can relentlessly pursue the adventures of your life. This is how you show up for yourself. How you love yourself.

Don’t make any room for comfort. Progress comes from the questions no one else was willing to ask. The first try alone should not satisfy you, it should lead you to more questions. Help us build a society that values alternatives. We believe there is more despite ourselves, despite what we have been taught to accept. They will listen to our voices because we are the ones paying attention. We are asking the questions that move our people forward.

The future is the home of the curious.

9 thoughts on “What Does This Button Do?

  1. Being compassionate to people whose views contradict your own is the greatest product of curiosity humanity could hope for. To step out of our comfort zone for a second and understand why somebody, as unpleasant as they may seem, is the way they are.
    This was a short lovely read. ❤

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